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Tumbling classes   

We have beginner, regular, and advanced tumbling classes for ages 4-18! 

Our tumbling classes are flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. We have multiple instructors at every tumbling class to ensure your child gets the best instruction they can. Our staff strives to make tumbling classes a fun and safe place for them to learn new skills! 


Beginner Tumbling: $75 a month

Beginner tumbling is aimed for athletes ages 4-8 who are just starting out with tumbling. The class will focus on basics and fundamentals of tumbling like cartwheels, backbends, roundoffs.

Regular Tumbling: $75 a month

Our regular tumbling classes are all ages 5-18 with any skill level. We have 3 regular tumbling classes a week, you are able to pick the class that fits in your weekly schedule. 

Unlimited Regular Tumbling: $125 a month

Unlimited regular tumbling lets your child come to any regular tumbling class! They can come to any or all classes each week. Unlimited regular tumbling does NOT include the advanced tumbling class.

Advanced Tumbling/Conditioning: $90 a month

Our advanced tumbling/conditioning class is for athletes between 5-18 working on tucks or higher. They should be able to do running and standing series backhandsprings by themselves before coming to this class. Along with tumbling, this class also includes specific conditioning aimed to improve endurance/tumbling and drills.

We offer a FREE TRIAL for any of our tumbling classes!

Call or email to set up your trial!

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